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Build me a fence and eat me raw on it...
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Date:2004-08-16 13:16
Mood: morose

I've been listening to Forbidden Broadway a lot recently, and so far my three favourite songs are:

to Fiddler on the Roof's Tradition

The Phantom of the Musical
to The Phantom of the Opera


Linda Eder / This Is My Key Change
to Jekyll and Hyde's No One Knows Who I Am / This Is The Moment

So, sing along children:


When I was ten I saw a show on TV
Saw a show on TV starring Gary Moore.
I wrote and I asked to put me on his show
But he said "Go ask Dinah Shoor!"

Rejection! Rejection! Ambition!
Rejection! Rejection! Ambition!

When I went through puberty I got depressed
To see myself when I undressed
Nothing seemed to happen here around my chest
And so to modeling I aquest

Depression! Depression! Ambition!
Depression! Depression! Ambition!

At ten I was a pretty boy
At seventeen, a dream
I never had a pimple
So I do - - commercials.

Complexion! Complexion! Ambition!
Complexion! Complexion! Ambition!

And when I was a child
Nobody looked my way
Until I got the lead
In my high school senior play!

Attention! Attention! Ambition!
Attention! Attention! Ambition!


---- --- --- ---


Nobody seems to know who I am
And they won't give a damn
I sing like Streisand
It's true, I do.
Still you'll say Linda ... who?


-- Aiden

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Date:2004-08-13 14:12
Mood: nervous

My parent's are to be gone all weekend.
Bend, Oregon.

I think I'm going to invite Curtis over tonight.
And Hernaldo, Timothy, Ruby and Sean! I'm so happy Sean's back from Nevada ... stupid Nevada. He loved it.

But, if anyone shows up, I hope it will be Curtis.

I bought some candles, and I really think I want him to love me in any way possible.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-08-11 13:51
Mood: grateful

Train of Events within the past 16 hours...

8:00 p.m. - Met up with Curtis at the Laundry mat and sat and talked. The sky was really pretty, so I decided I would set up my everything there and paint a portrait of the open field, the Catholic Church, the farm and the open sky someday soon.
8:15 p.m. - We leave the Laundry mat and go to the Star Bistro for coffee. We bump into Ahna and Samantha on the way, and they were pretending to be tourists. They were very funny.
8:25 p.m. - Arrive at the Bistro and go get coffee and end up having dessert. I had the cheese cake, and Curtis had the peach crisp ... thingy. It was Matt's last night working there, so we kinda celebrated. ((Matt's moving to Poulsbo on Sunday ... -tear-))
9:40 p.m. - We leave the Star Bistro and head to Curtis' cabin in the woods.
10:40 p.m. - We arrive at his cabin. There were no doors, and hardly any windows, so it was like being in a tree house without the tree and sap. The cabin is beautiful, and still in the process of being built.

From that point on we merely talked for hours and hours. Eventually, it became extremely cold, so we cuddled ourselves to sleep at 4:30 in the morning. I woke up in his arms and felt very very very very happy.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-08-09 12:44
Mood: dorky

My eyes hurt. Severly dry, I think.
I hope Curtis comes down to Langley today. I want to see him very much. I want to ride my bike down to Portland with him and just camp all over the place. We could go dancing on the beach ... Doing our insane little Kabuki dances. It would be interestingly amusing.

Anywho -- I watched The X Files for the first time in ages last night with Timothy and Hernaldo. After Tricia dropped me off at my house, I went in, took a shower and called Timothy so I could get off the island for the evening, and it worked. So, I spent my night in Seattle, and it was beautiful and fun. Everything was glowing.

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New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Oooh, Kristy ... you dirty girl, you.

Okay. I need to go play with my little sister on the beach for awhile.

Bye bye.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-08-07 12:30
Mood: lonely

So, my Aunt Kathi calls this morning looking for my mother, and she decides to tell me how to live my life. This is my God Mother, I understand, but I wanted to reach into the phone and smack her ... regaurdless of the fact that she is in Los Angeles, I'm sure with how pissed off I was, my arm wouldn't have minded stretching that far. No, but I was seriously livid. She threatened me that if I don't get my life in order ...

Oh, in other words ...

Closing myself in a box + Wear pants = My life in order ...

... then my mother will kick my out the moment I turn 18. Luckily, her cell phone cut out and I hung up, only to hear her call back a few minutes later. I decided not to pick up. My brother did, and they had a conversation for awhile, and I decided to leave for Langley.

Last night, after the show, I went off with Morgan for awhile and we buzzed around. She showed me her little, adorable, cottage like home down in Clinton, and it is sooo fucking cute! I love it!!! We talked and talked for awhile and then she took me home.

Oh, and the WICA 2004 - 2005 season is announced!

in the October slot: Dinner with Friends
in the December slot: A Christmas Story
in the February slot: Sylvia
in the April slot: Lilian in Limbo
in the June slot: The Laramie Project


I'm auditioning for the role of Miss Shields in A Christmas Story and the roles of Tom, Phyllis and Leslie in Sylvia. So yay!

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-08-06 11:47
Mood: exanimate

I've been working like a crazy ass sprilonker ... I haven't been able to get to a computer and update for awhile. Every now and then I've been able to check my email, but ... meh ... that's about as far as I can go.

So, I met this lad by the name of Curtis ... and geez ... ... I don't know how to feel about him. I have such an intense emotional connection to him ... and such a huge physical charge for him, but I'm lost. I've decided that the other people in my life that I hold very close to me will have to do without me unless they try and get ahold of me. I'm sick and tired of being 100% responsible for always contacting Adrian and Ian. If they really mean the shit they say, then they'd find a way to contact me instead of flopping around like dead cats in the mud.

Curtis has taught me a lot about myself. In very magical ways. More so then any other person I've yet to encounter, except Sean from Seattle, whom I still hold dearly to my heart. ((He's been vacationing in Las Vegas for a month or so...)) I hope to see Curtis soon ... and I hope to speak with him forever. I also hope to see a lot more of Curtis soon ... if you know what I mean.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-07-31 13:21
Mood: pensive

I just realized that I haven't updated in this particular livejournal in some time ... which isn't a huge tragedy ... at all.

I've merely been doing some extensive soul searching recently. Feeling kind of lonely, but I'm embracing the people around me a lot more collectivly then I used to which is gives me a pulse, I suppose. I am now the Production Intern at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Deana is such a joy to work for. And everyone in the office is splendidly wonderful, with the exception of Adriana... But we don't care about Adriana, now do we? Shelley and I are going to have a book swap on Monday. She is begging me to read Holes, so I decided I would give it a try ... and I want her to read the play The Forth Wall by A.R. Gurney, because I recently discovered it and all its brilliance.

On another note, I've been suffering from a ear and nasal infection for the past week due to a malfunction of the common cold ... which is just ... plain shit - tacular. It truly has been miserable. Now I've discovered that I can't shut my right eye all the way ... What the fuck is happening?! My body is falling apart, and I'm only seventeen years old. Damn ... Sucky sucky suckyness...

Anywho -- I actually have to go type up a resume now.


-- Aiden

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Date:2004-07-09 14:32
Mood: optimistic

[x] Full name: Aiden Orfinadlia Ashé
[x] Nicknames: RyAid, Ryry, Tobias, Poe, Poebias
[x] Global position: Langley, Washington ... uhh ... Northern Hemisphere!
[x] Sex: Meh ...
[x] Happy birthday to you: The forth of April, 1987 at 2:32 a.m. P.S.T.
[x] Status: I am taken!
[x] Occupation: Dance Instructor / Secretary
[x] Nationality: Armenian, Puerto Rican, Italian, Welch, Greek, Austrian, French, Danish, Swis, Egyptian

[x] Fondest memory of this year: Umm .. .. .. Every time I've woken up and smiled because I was alive.
[x] Worst memory of this year: When I left Adrian ... or my incident back in March at Angela's homestead.
[x] First word: "I" and "Go" and "Now"
[x] Childhood favorite: Gumby, Dorothy Gale, Judy Garland and Mary Martin as Peter Pan
[x] First best friend: Katya!
[x] Recess past-time: My little crush, Tony and I would swing on the swings and see if we could swing in unison, and if we did that meant we were in true love, and we always found a way to swing in unison, and it was love.

[x] College: Seattle Central Community College, Cornish College for the Arts and maybe Ashmead Massage Therepy School
[x] Occupation: Umm ... ... A writer, artist, teacher, Massage Therepist ... ? How about a prostitute?!
[x] Ride: Umm ... Car when I'm lazy or have to go long distances. Feet when I can walk easily to where ever I'm going. Bus for the rest.
[x] Future residence: Seattle. London. Portland. New York.
[x] Wedding: Something beautiful ... ... Memorable. With everyone I adore and love, and everyone the person I'm marrying loves and adores.
[x] Number of kids: Two, hopefully ... Maybe three ... Definately a little boy called Anthony and a little girl called Annaliese
[x] Lookin forward to: College, moving out of my parent's home for good ...
[x] NOT lookin forward to: The actual move to Seattle will be a pain in the ass ...

[x] Feeling: Ultra happy!
[x] Listening to: Little Shop of Horrors.
[x] Chattin': No one!
[x] Talking to in person: No one!
[x] Doing: This survay. Thinking ... stuff like that.
[x] Thinking of: Adrian. Ian. Kira and Sean.
[x] Craving: My time with Kira.
[x] Missing: Ian. Kira. Sean. Adrian.
[x] Hating: Whatever the fuck that ladies name is that wrote The Music Man ... God ... what a horrid musical.

[x] Band: The Cure. Pearl Jam. Air. The Cranberries. Jane's Addiction. Nirvana. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Modern English. Nine Inch Nails. ... and so on ...
[x] Radio station: 96.5
[x] TV show: I Love Lucy, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Roseanne, Seinfeld
[x] Channel: NBC
[x] Site: Ummm ... livejournal.com! Such endless possibilities!
[x] Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ghost World. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Almost Famous.
[x] Store: The Red Light.
[x] Chill spot: Mr. Spot's Chai House in Ballard is awesome!
[x] Actor: Desi Arnaz. Ben Kingsley. Tim Curry. John Cameron Mithcell. Billy Crudup.
[x] Actress: Lucille Ball. Frances McDormand. Susan Surandon. Thora Birch. Vivien Vance. Ellen Greene. Hillary Swank. Sissy Spacek. Claire Danes.
[x] Food: Toast.
[x] Character: Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors ... yes ... she's a new one, but definately my favourite "character".
[x] Book: "Carrie" by Stephen King

[x] Turn on's: Eyes. The way a person holds themself. Submission.
[x] Turn off's: Meanies. Ego Freaks. Flakey people.
[x] First thing you notice: The way a person holds themself... the radiation they send...
[x] Does your parents b/f or g/f opinion matter to you?: Fuck no.
[x] What kinda hairstyle: Meh. I've found myself attracted to dredlocks recently. Very sexy. I decided to get some, myself.
[x] The sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you: Well ... umm ... That depends on the moment, now doesn't it?
[x] Where do you go to meet new people: Seattle ... usually it's sparatic. Like meeting Sean at the 5th Avenue Theatre Awards ... Very strange place.
[x] Are you the type of person to holler and ask for someone's number?: Nope ... not usually. Sometimes.

[x] Cat or dog: Kitties with Dog tendensies. Or doggies with Cat tendensies.
[x] Short or long hair: Umm ... I melt at either .. but long hair pushes fun buttons
[x] Innie or outtie: Meh.
[x] Sunshine or rain: Together!
[x] Moon or sun: The moon!
[x] Basketball or football: European Football ... or American Soccer
[x] Righty or lefty: Neither
[x] Holla front or holla back: umm ...
[x] Hugs or kisses: Both at the same time
[x] 1 best friend or 10 acquaintances: 10 acquaintances
[x] Bf/gf or best friend: Best Friend
[x] TV or radio: Radio!
[x] Starbucks or Jamba Juice: Starbucks.
[x] McDonald's or Burger King: Ew
[x] Summer or winter: Summer!
[x] Written letter or emails: Written Letters!
[x] Playstation or Nintendo: Uhhhh
[x] Disney or Nickelodeon: Disney with Nickelodeon tendensies!
[x] Car or motorcycle: Car!
[x] House party or club: House Party!
[x] Sing or dance: BOTH!
[x] Freak or slow dance: Slow with freakish tendensies
[x] Yahoo Messenger or AIM: AIM!
[x] Google or Ask Jeeves: Google!

[x] Do you have more buddies of the same sex or the opposite? Umm ... I have more male friends then female, but I have a shit load of friends, so it's not a small number.
[x] Can you swim: Nope!
[x] What's your most embarrassing moment? I don't wanna bring it up ...
[x] Do you have carpet or wood floor?: Carpet with sparatic cement and wood spread around.
[x] What's under your bed?: Drawers full of my writing and scripts and memo...
[x] What is your greatest accomplishment?: Ummm ... ... There's a bunch. I'm getting bored with this survay.
[x] What kinda roof is over your head?: A slanted one.
[x] Internet connection: Ummm ... Ask Josephine.
[x] How many TV's in the house? Way too many... Like ... 6 ... 5 that work, one that's a "spare".
[x] How many phones? Way too many ... like ... 8 ... or 6 ... 5 that work, 2 that aren't plugged in.
[x] How many residents: heh ... 5
[x] How many DVD's you got: Lots and lots!

[x] Last dentist visit: Five weeks ago
[x] Last doctor's visit: Two weeks ago
[x] Last phone call: This morning ... it was Kira!
[x] Last text message: Umm ... when I had a cell phone ...
[x] Last IM: Hernny Doll Baby and Matthew
[x] Last hug: From Dinah


Oh. Yay. I made my mind up. I'm getting dred locks.
Need to tell Kira though.
Thenardier with dreds?


-- Aiden

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Date:2004-07-07 16:00

It was sometime in mid April.
I was listening to The Flesh Failures / Let the Sunshine In from the original Broadway cast recording of Hair and James Rado belts out


Over a trio singing

Sealed with a rightous kiss
Sealed with a rightous kiss
The rest is silence
The rest is silence
The rest is silence

And I think it was at that moment on that day ...
That I know I truly loved Adrian ...

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-27 01:09
Mood: drained

Some guy just IM'd me and called me a faggot.
Ahahahahaaaa! I laughed at him because he's from Eugene, Oregon.
What a simpleton.

So, my entire body is sore. Pride today was magical. Tracy and I bumped around a whole lot, and it was beyond anything of tradition. Though I hope tomorrow will be even more entertaining. I loved Portland and San Fransisco Pride sooo much that today seemed midlevel in excitement. But it was neat, none the less. I saw Zak there, and he broke away from a bunch of his raverish friends, and hugged me, looked me in the eyes and walked away without saying a word. He looked so frail and lost. Still looks very similar to Whitney. Almost insanity. I almost cried.

We met up with Carrie and Brett and bopped about with them a whole lot.
Discovered a lot of people I have only heard or seen over a computer screen. Kieran never showed up, nor Michael. I never got around to seeing Heather, but I did manage to wave 'hello' to Donald, who looked radiently femmenine. Griffster was there as well, and earlier in the day, we found eachother at the top of a huge towerlike thing and we hugged and quickly chit chatted. He is soooo tan! My God! He truly is! Later he went up on stage during Gay Bingo in the Park and danced with the Hostess. It was awesome. As the evening progessed further, Carrie and Brett left and Tracy and I stayed to watch Nine Till Five and it was genius.

I'm tired.
So tired.
I'm gonna take a sleeping pill.
Gonna get up at eight tomorrow and become totally glammed out for the parade.
I think we're gonna march with the P-FLAG group, but that could change.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-22 16:38
Mood: thirsty

-chews on a granola bar-

Sean's making me eat this because I haven't had anything to eat since Sunday.


I went on a walk at 11:30 last night. Sean came and picked me up around 1:00 and we went to the pier in Langley and talked and looked over at the mainland. We went down to the beach and snuggled in the sand. Then he threw sand down my shirt, and we chased eachother all over the place. He finally tackled me from behind and, just as if it were some Claire Danes flick, we rolled around kissing in the sand, but we were laughing at the same time, so the kisses were all sloppy and messy and filled with sand.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-18 12:31
Subject:We loose things, and then we choose things...
Mood: hopeful

After rehearsal last night, Sean came over and we watched a special on PBS about John Dillinger, and it was fascinating! I had never heard of him prior to it, so it was a nice lesson. He's quite the idealistic bank robber! After that, he went out to the store to get some diet coke, because we were out at home, and I quickly called Matt and had a chit chat session with him. Then Sean came back and we cuddled and talked for hours and hours. He eventually fell asleep in my arms around 4ish, and I was soon to follow. Then, an hour later the sun rose and the weather decided to be HOT AS ALL FUCK, and the combination of us two became exhausting, and we began to sweat like crazy, and the windows fogged up, and I slumped out of bed at nine, took a shower, came back, opened the window and watched Sean sleep peacefully for another hour. Then he awoke, we watched Roseanne and he dropped me off and went on his way back home.

It was fun!

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-16 14:28
Mood: energetic

So, I have a two hour session with Kira today to work on Thenardier songs. I ran through The Attack on Rue Plumet earlier today, and I think I have it down. The tempo throws me off around:

Eponine, get on home, you're not needed in this
We're enough here without you!


Don't interfere, you got some gall
Take care, young miss, you got a lot to say!

It's difficult! It's hard! I feel foolish that I struggle so much to get it, and get it right.

The meeting last night was very humble, and wholesome, to be polite. There was only seven of us, and Yuri and I were the only people with a sexuality that's not quite heterosexual. I talked a lot about Hedwig and the Angry Inch and The Laramie Project. Everyone's stoked about both! Bev suggested a performance venue in Everett that I'm going to look at because, suprise suprise, every venue in Seattle is either not responding to me, or is telling me that the expence will be tremendous! So, I'm looking at the Snohomish County P.U.D. ... which is in Everett on California, Virginia, Pacific street ... or something like that. I've personally never been there ((to the venue ... I've been to Everett many o many times.)), so it shall be an adventure! Yay! And, I'm writing seperate letters to Linda Moore and Nancy Nordoff, who are VERY wealthy islanders who donate money to people a lot, and I'll see if they'll help me out financially.

After the meeting, Matt called and we talked for two hours or so. I began to watch Chicago and right after The Cell Block Tango I turned it off to watch Conen O'Brien, which was funny until I fell asleep, and then I was unconsience, so I didn't see the rest ... How sad.

Oh, and in the news with the Lexington productions of Les Miserables and Ragtime School Editions, I'm really hopeful to receive Marius and Mother's Younger Brother. But knowing my luck, I'll end up with Javert and Tateh, which are amazing roles, as well. I just want to play younger again. Having the chance recently to play such youthful roles as Yonkers in Gypsy, Paul in A Chorus Line and Ugly in Honk! has been marvelous! I want to return to that age group... A Newborn, Seventeen and Early thirties. And Marius is about eighteen and Mother's Younger Brother is in his mid to late twenties, so yay for that!

Ian emailed me back. I cried when I read it.
He's such an amazing soul.
I miss him. I love him. ... ... fuck it all that I can't have him back.
I screwed up so so so very much.

I'll be an Eponine, I guess.
I've always been thrown into the Eponine roles. He's the wonderful, beautiful, amazing Marius, and Dee is the charming and youthful Cosette, and I'm the Eponine.

Oh my GOD!
Kira and I created a subplot to Les Mis and it is soooo very funny!
We decided that the following is the real story:

While serving his time in jail, Valjean becomes the item of attention in Javert's life, and Javert falls madly in love with him. He has to put on a tough face though, so when Valjean leaves, he puts the whole "bully" thing forward, when he really loves him. Valjean meets with the Bishop, who is gay and obsessed with Bondage anything and playing around with candlesticks, and he shows Valjean how much fun Bishops really can be. Valjean runs away because he's confused with his new burning desire for Bishop love, and is caught, and the Bishop gives Valjean the candlesticks they previously used for fun, and he disappears. Valjean decides he will never have the Bishop in the way he wants him, so he runs away, and Javert, who's still madly in love with Valjean, follows, but says he's just searching for him because he "broke his parole." A few years later, we are introduced to Fantine, who doesn't have much of a subplot.

As the story progresses further, we find out that Marius is in love with Enjolras, and Enjolras has a sick fetish for children and is in love with Gavroche, who is an A Sexual. Now, Eponine is secretly in love with her father, and her father runs into Cosette on the streets and falls in love with her, and she in return. So, Cosette and Thenardier are married, Eponine dies in her father's arms, Marius is heartbroken over the fact that he can't have the sickening Enjolras, and Madame Thenardier is in love with Javert, and when Javert kills himself, she runs in and throws herself off the bridge, and Thenardier enters and pulls the gold out of his dead wife's tooth.

There's more. But I have to go now.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-16 12:00
Subject:Now, someone say how this began!
Mood: hyper

Schoooooooooool's out for Summer!!!!!!!
Schoooooooooool's out forEVER!!!!!!!!!!
Schoooooooooool's ... ummm ... are there any more verses?

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- - A i d e n - -

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Date:2004-06-15 19:07
Mood: drained

I was looking at my old photobucket albums, and I found some interesting photos of myself from ages ago… I want to share them! So, deal with it!

Bee – atch!

Here’s_My_Wedding_Presant_If_She_Marries_Lazar_Wolf!!!!!Collapse )

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Date:2004-06-09 09:24
Mood: thoughtful

Are you happy yet?
Are you happy yet?

Your mameh would tell you,
"Imagine you're fearless
Imagine you're fearless,
and soon you won't fear."
When I am afraid,
I imagine your mameh
She skates just ahead
Can't you see her?
She's here!

And we're gliding
Gliding on a pond
Figure Eights
Silver skates
Just down the track
Glide with me little one
Glide with your Tateh
We'll never look back ... ... ...

My eyes are suddenly hurting.
Oh wait.
I'm crying!

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-09 09:08
Mood: accomplished

Monday - Matt, Katrina, Eve, Klem and I ventured to Seattle, and stopped at a whole bunch of places along the way. I ended up getting my Hedwig script from Deana, and have been devouring it since!

I laugh, because I will cry if I don't.

-- Hedwig

We FINALLY went to the Seattle Library and found the music for the show with the exception of five songs. I don't have music for either Don't Cry for me Argentina nor Your Daddy's Son, but I know where I can get Don't Cry... and seeing as how I'm choreographing a production of Ragtime, Your Daddy's Son music should be simple to find.

Oh, and I met a lad called Aaron, and he has amazing legs, and he and I talked for an hour about random shit, while looking through books on photography. He's taking me out to coffee on his day off, so I'm looking forward to that!

Then we went to the warf and had fish and chips, and it was neato for a crazy lady named Kim approached me, giving me her story on how she's broke, and her kids were taken away from her and what not, and that she needs money for beer, so I gave her eight cents, and she wouldn't stop stalking me with her "thank you" 's. It was highly amusing, if not a bit scary. So, then we went to Capitol Hill, and Klem agreed to be my escort around, and we pranced the hill, and guess who we ran into? Cory and Zak ... ... ... I thought I was going to scream when I saw Cory. All that ran through my mind was him holding a knife up to my throat whispering into my ears, If you move, I'll cut your filthy throat, you venum filled cum bucket, and penetrating me. Zak, on the other hand, gawked, and kept staring at me, and I wanted to hold my arms open to him and hug him, but I just walked past without any regaurd. Eve noted that he was looking at me as I walked away, and wouldn't stop. It was the first time in awhile where I couldn't help but break down and cry, and out in public for Christ's sake! It was embarrassing, but I didn't care. I needed to cry a little, seeing as how I've been so bloody happy the entire week!

So, we caught the 12:00 boat, and I got home by 12:40, and I crashed. I was so extremely exhausted.

So exhausted, I didn't wake up till 11:14 the next morning! So, I decided not to go for the last thirty minutes of school, and Kira called and we made plans to go to the 5th Avenue Theatre Awards that night, which we did, and it was gorgeous. Olympia High School's production of Guys and Dolls took Best Musical, and my predictions for best Actor ((So and So for Honk!)) and best Actress ((So and so for Peter Pan)) won, where as Kira's choice for so and so for Footloose and Diana Huey for Kamiak's production of Les Miserables didn't, and she immediately claimed that I have some magestic power. It was funny.

Oh, Billie was there too! She performed in the opening number ((Applause from the musical, Applause ... heh ... )) with everyone, and as always, she was a gem! In addition, Louis came out and presented two awards, and Shelley Plimpton who played Crissy in the original production of Hair on Broadway presented two as well. It was such a neato little ceremony and I was so thrilled to had gone. And seeing as how I'm such a flamer, and moments like these make me so happy, a lad who won best featured actor in a musical ((for The Sound of Music)) by the name of Sean approached me, told me he recognized me, and begged to take me out sometime. So, I took him along home with me, and we talked the whole time. He fell asleep in the ferry line, and stayed in Eric's jeep. Once we got to my parent's home, he woke up, and hopped out, came in, and we sat up until 3:00 merely talking. It was so wonderous. So, out of all my cuddle buddies from the past, he has instantly taken the slot as my favourite cuddle bud. Now he wants to take me out! I feel like a fairy princess!

So, now I have Jason, Aaron and ((new and much better)) Sean on my belt!

I love being single.

Oh, and Billie gave me the number to three performance venues in Seattle for me to look at for Hedwig! She's totally stoked about it, and she made me sing Wicked Little Town for her, which I did, and it was Tommy's Reprise instead of the original.

(( It's nice over here. Out of the spotlight. You and me. Singing together. In our oven. A couple of survivors. The German and the Jew. Think of the symmetry. Think of the power. The gods would be terrified.
-- Hedwig

Now, I am at school.
I need to email some people, and do a presentation on the novel of Ragtime for Dianne and Jean!

Hoo - rah!

-- Aiden

P.S. My mother is being a crusty ass ball again, and I'm so scared of her, so if my mood suddenly switches, know that the cause is undoubtably found in her ... as the source.

P.S.S. By the way, this is Jason!

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Date:2004-06-03 15:46
Mood: relaxed

Look! It’s the first two pictures of me from the weekend!
Me and my Jesus hair…
You’re the greatest, randomcolors
I love you tons!

I can’t wait for the others to be … on the album thingy!

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-03 14:58
Mood: happy

I was just remembering the time when Ryan LePlante sang Lovecats to me, and how awesome it was. It was more ... for me then to me, but either way, I loved dancing for him and what not. Deana always has the greatest parties, seeing as how she lives in a modern day mansion over looking the Pudget Sound and always has the greatest music jams and lots of Watermelon alcohol! Ha ha ha ha! I can't wait for the party she's hosting in July to celebrate the next season.

So, The Seattle Repertory Theatre is putting on a production of Kira and my favourite play ((when we're together)) ... NOISES OFF !!! And she wants to audition for Brooke, because it's one of her dream roles, but it opens in November, and she's Les Mis'ing ... Well, WICA has looked into doing it for years, and eventually they will and I'm sure Kira will receive the role, if Kelly Choate doesn't steal it... But Kelly is merely a manoquin, not an actress... No offense to her. HA!

I love this song.
I love being happy.

-- Aiden

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Date:2004-06-01 09:08
Mood: pleased

I just celebrated in the most beautiful way this weekend.
Friday, after I decided it was necessary to get the fuck off the island, I took a bus, because I didn't want to drive, to the ... yes ... Alderwood Mall. But it wasn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be. I went into the Candle Store, and the man was incredably gay! He was really nice, and friendly, and he showed me the new scented candles that are "all the rage in Los Angeles". Ha ha ha ha! He was so funny! I told him that I really appreciated his kindness, since it is so easy to feel intimidated in that mall. He hugged me, and gave me a small tart candle, and sent me on my way. Then I went to a jewlery place, and wouldn't you know who was working there now?! SOPHIA! I was so excited to see her! She introduced me to Debrah, another woman who worked there, who knew instantly that I was a male without a gender! It was so awesome. Then Sophia and I went out to Lunch at the Nordstrom's Cafe thing on the second floor. I had a really neat salad with Asian Chicken, and she decided to dine on a salmon salad.


Afterwards, I preceded to go to ... uhhh ... one of the music places in the mall, and I ran into Kelly! She's been working there for a few weeks now, and she recognized me, and decided to take the liberty to come and talk to me. It was totally fantastic, seeing as how I absolutely love her! THEN, she invited me to a party she was having that evening, so I decided to accept and go! Her friend, Kalen showed up and we went to her apartment first so she could change, then we went to his house in Everett, and I received the tour, which was beautiful. Kalen and I went on an alcohol run, and I got a diet coke. As soon as we came back, it was a matter of minutes when some other people showed up, and my evening had only begun. I was introduced to Carrie, Laura and Tracy, who are officially the three most wonderous and adventerously gorgeous women EVER! I absolutely adores Carrie and Tracy's hair, which I expressed and learned that Tracy twas the designer, and what not.

As the evening preceded on, I lost all grips of being clean and decided to gourge on vodka and weed... and my God, I lost it. I have never tripped out like I did. I seriously was in another world. I kept asking if I was really there, and Kelly went off on how I wasn't really there, and it was a total and complete illusion and what not, and it really tripped me about. SO, as my trip progressed on, a different Steve arrived, and he really amused me to the point of anoyance. His whole suave, "I'm a Scorpio, a Vampire, a Goth, a Pagan, a Witch, a Freak - so I have to be this way" act was the most pathetic excuse for a human I have seen, EVER. He kept going around sucking on everyone's neck, and Jesus, he really didn't know what he was doing. If he was trying to tease me, he failed miserably! Then he tried to get me to loan him my liquid eyeliner, and kept begging me and begging me, and I kept refusing and refusing. I told him I had an eye disease that could spread through my eyeliner, and he backed off a little, and sat me down and tried to kiss me, which I didn't let him do, either, since he was sticking his tongue down every and their mother's throat anyway, for which he became upset because he noted that I was being absolutely and completely defiant of him. I would not give in to his "temptation", and would not please him by telling him he was turning me on. Oh, and a highlite was surely when he looked at me and said,

You should ... uh ... you should envy Kelly, because she's the only one who's had me here. She's the only person I've had sex with.

for which I replied with:

Oh, is that a fact? Well, nobody has had me here, and there's only one person who ever would, and I'm afraid that's not you!

Which really pissed him off.

But enough about him. My evening was beyond wonderous because of Kalen's wonderous hostly ways, Kelly's adorable everything, the arrival of Christy!!! Which made me soooo very happy, and of course, my making friends with Carrie, Tracy and Laura.

After the party died down, I trapsed off with the lovely three, and we went to Tracy's home, oh, and we got pulled over in the process, but Carrie was the designated driver. So, once we arrived, Laura and Tracy slept in Tracy's bed, and Carrie and I took to the couches. It wasn't even a matter of thirty minutes of being there and we were all asleep. I'm guessing it was ... three in the morning.

Once we all awoke, we decided to feed Laura because she was still on a trip. So, we made cheesy chips and watched Full House. I took a shower, and then Carrie and Laura took off. I asked Tracy to do something with my hair, and so she straightened it, and I looked like Jesus Christ. We took some pictures, and I'll post them as soon as Tracy sends them to me. It was so much fun! Then she did my make up, and I felt all beautiful! Our final adventure included us finding our way to the ferry from Marysville, which took us a little while, but we made it. We then said 'bye' and went on our merry way.

Once I got to the ferry terminal, I found I was twenty cents short of a ferry ticket, and the man just let me on with one of those special purple tickets for people who are cheap. I felt like a convict. So, then I bussed down to Langley, and received a ride home from my mother and father.

BUT, later that evening, Timothy came over to see my Jesus like hair, and he brought his Christian friend, Damount, who's the most pure and virginal boy I have ever met. He's sixteen, and has yet to be kissed, or find himself a proper boyfriend. I love that's he's a gay Christian. I absolutely adore homosexual religious people. He was so "interested" in my home and myself, as he said, that he asked to spend the night... and he did... Saturday night... Sunday night... and he spent last night too! He was so much fun to talk with. The entire day on Sunday he and I layed on my bed and simply talked, except from 11:00 till 4:00, when I went to a Les Miserables meeting. He just buzzed around Langley ... and then yesterday, he and I ... talked! That's it! We just talked! ... but fuck if you'd know it, I found myself totally enthralled by him. He captured me! I really like this guy now! I mean, we didn't leave eachother's site for 32 hours! He's such a neat lad. Oh, I did his chart, which he didn't believe anyway, and he's a Sagittarius, with moon in Cancer, and is a Pisces rising. He's quite the crazy one, but I still like him tons.

Oh. Ok. So, now I'm in complete Hedwig mode. I need to write my purposal and what not. From this point out, I am all Hedwig. Yay!

-- Aiden

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